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High Heels Wednesday

Last night the Hotel San Juan and Casino launched “High Heels Wednesday”, an event geared specifically towards women. We enjoyed booths from fragrance Bond No.9 New York, fashion by David Antonio, cosmetics by Shiseido and my personal favorite, Chanel Makeup. One of the highlights was “Telacuento” cushions, handmade by puertorrican artist, Enid Silvestry. Every design is embroidered and painted with catchy phrases inspired by women’s philosophies and life experiences, lending the piece a very fun and personal touch.  You can see her complete collection at

The event is perfect for a relaxed girl’s night out during the week if you are in Puerto Rico’s metropolitan area.  Admission is free and parking is available at the hotel.

Bond No.9 New York            

Scent: Central Park West AMAZING!

Gorgeous dresses by David Antonio

Short cocktail dress with animal print. Perfect for the holidays!

Chanel Booth

Chanel lip-glosses

Artist Enid Silvestry with her cushion collection

Lips and heel cushion…beautiful!

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“Harder Faster Better”

Photo Credit: Carlos Tapia

Discover CrossFit, an innovative program that combines fitness and nutrition to help participants be themselves – that is, a very improved version of themselves.  There are no unrealistic expectations, and everyone is responsible for both personal and communal achievements.  Yes, the stakes are high, but you’ll never be alone in the process.  Are you in?

CrossFit is a fitness program that is designed around the mastery of functional human movement and optimal physical health. It increases the average person’s ability to perform in real life situations – professional or recreational sports, first responder and military or even simply being a mom or dad – harder, faster, better and for longer periods of time than ever before. Doing CrossFit the right way will increase your strength, endurance, speed, coordination, balance and confidence.  For the average person who participates in CrossFit, there is a level of achievement, accomplishment and community

that simply isn’t available in any other part of their lives, let alone in a standard gym routine. Training is fun, challenging, exciting, and it brings a level of sport and play back into people’s daily lives.

One of the most unique and exciting things about CrossFit is that each and every person who participates, whether they are a family guy, full time mom, weekend warrior, gym rat or a competitor at the international level, does the exact same things. Everyone who participates earns the feeling of being a champion. CrossFit’s training and movement philosophy, combined with passionate, committed and sound coaching, increases people’s wellness both inside and out, enhances performance, promotes self-esteem and amps their ability to squeeze the juice out of life.

The Whole Life Challenge was inspired by the idea that having next level results in your life takes daily commitment and accountability for your actions and how these relate to what you want. Every day we fight the same battle with what we envision for ourselves and the reality of daily life, which is full of demands and routines. The Whole Life Challenge is a community game that breaks the routine and puts you and your friends in the battle between your vision and your reasons. It acknowledges that those reasons are very real, and giving them structure will enable you to achieve your goals by taking single steps each day.

To begin, participants spend over 56 days training to become more aware of the way that they are about their body and their health. With real, daily tracking of what they do and don’t do and actual physical and performance measurements, they understand how they get the results that they get (or don’t get!). It empowers the participants to create an environment of support as well as information about their local community and what it has to offer that supports healthy living. The Whole Life Challenge is a tool that brings people to an awareness that their choices have actual consequences that they may not have been noticing. It is a health and wellness community building experience like no other – people learn about themselves and learn to cause the success of the people around them as well as theirs. Like a team, people struggle and win together.

One of the most important steps to follow to succeed in the Whole Life Challenge is to identify what actions you can take right now, today, that will point you towards your vision. No one gets from here to there in a day, and taking the daily view gives people an opportunity to succeed all along the way. Like being in a river, just stepping in will carry them downstream before they even know they are moving. Another critical step is to not be alone. Interacting with the community to get support, share successes and breakdowns, contribute information and experiences, and to witness the transformations that are possible and are taking place all around you gives you far more power than you would have on your isolated island of one. Finally, doing what you said you were going to do even though you might not feel like it at the moment is the most important motivation. Everyone faces distractions and temptations that draw them away from long term fulfillment in exchange for short term gratification. This challenge gives you the tools you need: if you use them, you see what is possible if you are true to yourself and your vision. – Michael Stanwyck

Photo Credit: Carlos Tapia

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