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Fill a Bag Fill a Heart

It was the spirit of giving back that inspired 18 student Bianca Soler to take action and develop “Fill a Bag, Fill a Heart” during her senior year at the Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas’.  Her innovative initiative fed more than 100 impoverished persons for one week during July 2012.

Bianca’s plan consisted of giving away empty bags to her fellow students and then tasking them with amassing food and essentials in every one. In the end, all the bags were filled with enough food to last for one week! Once they were done collecting, Bianca and her friends took the bags to the local churches that would distribute them.

After spreading Good Karma with her “Fill a Bag, Fill a Heart” initiative, Bianca’s diligence spread to other local schools like Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola, Academia Maria Reina, Baldwin School and Saint John’s School.  The final product (more than 300 bags!) were displayed and donated during an event at the “Mi Casa de Oración” church in the Miramar area of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The recipients of the supplies enjoyed breakfast and the atmosphere of care and attention where they got to share their life experiences with the volunteers.

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Generosity Personified

For Sheree Bowie, passion and giving go hand in hand.  As the U.S. Director of Danita’s Children, her work exemplifies her values: the organization manages a center that feeds, educates and takes care of nearly 450 Haitian children.  By connecting donors and volunteers with fellow trailblazer Danita Estrella, whose life-changing project began in 1999 with a small house and 14 children, Sheree makes altruism accessible and fulfilling for all.

How do you define generosity?

I believe generosity is an intangible matter of the heart; a willingness to freely give of yourself spiritually, emotionally, financially in ways that benefit others and not self.  True generosity doesn’t require the recognition of others

What qualities are common among donors?

Donors are passionate, caring investors with a purpose.  They are looking to invest their resources in organizations or ministries that have a purpose other than financial enrichment.  Helping donors find ways to donate or invest in programs and projects that match their passions is a priority.

What have been your most memorable experiences working with Danita’s Children?

When I read this question, two important memories came to mind.

One of my most poignant moments came in June of 2010.  The name ‘Emmanuel’ means God with us.  I believe God visits us each day through those He puts in our path.  For me, on this day in June, it was through a dirty, nearly naked, hungry and physically disabled child begging at the Haitian and Dominican Border.  His name was Emmanuel.  I was able to get him some food and water although he could barely hold the fork because of his disability.  He didn’t speak except to tell me his name.  It was a moment that deeply moved me and since then, I’ve tried to look more closely for those visits from God in every day.

Another very memorable moment with Danita’s Children would have to be the week following the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010.  Thousands of people from all around the world called, emailed and got involved to help us rescue orphaned and abandoned children.  I watched in amazement at the generosity of hearts and hands. It made me realize how important each person is to just one child and how truly generous and compassionate humanity can be when given the opportunity.

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Campfire Stories that Change Lives

Back in 2005, entertainer George Lopez had a successful kidney transplant that allowed him to continue enjoying his two passions: playing golf and giving back to those less fortunate.  In order to work towards an improved quality of life for those with  genetic kidney conditions such as his, Lopez created The Lopez Foundation in San Fernando, California.  Every year, the organization raises funds to send 125 underprivileged children with kidney disease to camp for a week, and over 25 deserving families to the Kidney Disease and Transplant Family Weekend at The Painted Turtle Camp in Lake Hughes, where children with serious illnesses and their families are encouraged to learn about their conditions in order to lead rich, productive lives.

To unite his two passions, George created the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic, which is now preparing for its fifth year.  This year, they hope to raise at least $400,000 so they can continue to increase awareness about kidney disease and organ donation.  Contributions can be made by visiting and clicking on the Donate Heart or by contacting Linda Small at

Many thanks to Linda Small, US Director for The Lopez Foundation.

Linda Small

Want to know more about The Lopez Foundation?

Official Site


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