Meet Michelle Nassar

An upcoming designer from Panama.  Much like her country of origin connects the two American continents, the fresh colors and classic silhouettes that define her collections unite styles both modern and traditional.  With fun pieces that will never go out of style, what’s not to love?

Who or what do you consider your most important style influence?

The styles that most inspire me are usually vintage pieces, particularly the ones from the 1960´s & 1970´s.  I feel a strong affection towards that specific period of chic.

What is your signature style, color or piece?

Prints combined with an extended bright color palette are my distinguishing styles. Due to its versatility, Kaftans are my favorite pieces; you can wear them over a bathing suit, over a cami to run errands during the day, or with high heels and fine jewelry for a special occasion.

What famous personality would you love to dress some day?

I think I have an extended list for that! I love Rachel Bilson’s style because it’s full of fun and edginess, the boho chic style of Nicole Richie and the elegance of Sarah Jessica Parker.  Definitely those are among the ones I will love to dress someday.

What are your thoughts on the fashion industry these days?

Fashion has evolved so much during the past few years. To be in a best-dressed list today is not only about high end designer labels, but also about being able to mix and match with more affordable pieces. This is one of the reasons why most of the exclusive designers are launching or producing more affordable lines for partnerships with other companies, which I think is great.  I loved the Missoni for Target collection.

What inspires you? Where do you go when you need ideas and inspiration?

Everything inspires me! I can find inspiration everywhere I go because I see the beauty in what others may consider ugly or pretty.

Which 2012 trends are you most excited about?

I love the modern revival of the eras, most particularly that of the 1920´s, 1960´s, and 1970´s.  I am also pleased with where the color block movement is going right now.

What’s in the future for Michelle Nassar?

Many good things!  I want to create a more affordable line while keeping the same style and quality as the couture Michelle Nassar Label.  And perhaps to create a beach resort collection…. I like that idea!

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