One Rad Apple

For Daniela Etchevers, growing up with her mother and sister meant having beauty and pampering rituals as an essential part of their lifestyle.  After having the opportunity of traveling all over the world to experience great products and services, she decided to condense the best of the best into Manzana Studio, her first beauty business venture in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  A genuine and delightful spa and salon, Manzana offers accessible, natural services like custom-blended skin masks.  These utilize the inherent properties of fruits and vegetable to address the specific needs of each individual: apples are used for closing pores and spinach moisturizes while pineapples, strawberries and tomatoes soothe problem skin prone to blackheads and breakouts.  Hair is indulged with their best-selling Keratherapy, an organic keratin that is great for anyone looking to tame frizz while conserving fullness.  Even manicures and pedicures are enhanced with natural moisturizing lotions and afterwards treated to trendy designs inspired by runways, magazines, blogs and the likes of Lana del Rey, Dita Von Teese and Zooey Deschanel.  As for Daniela, her favorite nail trends include black and nude, brightbright pastels, stripes, wallpaper florals and the reverse french.

Want to see more? 

Visit their official site and facebook!

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