YOLO Colohouse

Yolo Colorhouse is apremium, enviromnetally responsible paint products with user-friendly color palette.

From Janie Lowe and Virginia Young, Founders of YOLO Colorhouse

What is the most important part in selecting your ingredients?

First, we look at what ingredients we can leave OUT, not only do we exclude volatile organic compounds( VOCs), but formaldehyde, anti-freeze (which conventional paint includes), and any carcinogens.  When we are selecting ingredients that pass the green screening test, we are also considering how the paint will perform – this is key, it needs to work and be very durable in order to be sustainable. We do not want to compromise performance for being green, and with today’s technology, we don’t have to.  We like to say: We are proud of what’s NOT in our paint: NO carcinogens, NO mutagens, NO reproductive toxins, NO formaldehyde, NO hazardous air pollutants, NO phthalates and NO volatile organic compounds.

Where does your color inspiration come from? 

Nature. We designed our Earth’s Color Collection (49 interior hues) from nature and named the colors as such – AIR, GRAIN, LEAF, WATER, STONE, CLAY and PETAL.  The Color of Hope palette is a collection of 36 colors designed to energize the human spirit, the family color names are IMAGINE, ASPIRE, THRIVE, DREAM, CREATE and NOURISH.

How does Yolo Colorhouse spread good karma? 

We started YOLO Colorhouse because we saw a need for a safer paint for people and the planet. We like to think we are selling more than just paint – it is a lifestyle that is about creating change in how things are done and it is all about color in your life!  How could this not spread good karma???

What in your opinion makes a home? 

A space that reflects who you are is a true HOME.

Could you tell me about an exciting future project you are working on?

We are always working on future trend palettes that we release throughout the year – color is never stagnant and is always changing with different combinations.  We are working on 2012 palettes, drawing from many visual perspectives – fashion, cinema, advertising, art – all of these mediums are ahead of the home decor/ architectural color trends.

What is your motto? 

We believe the world can be more colorful and less volatile!

How do you define balance in life? 

I’m not sure how to define it, but I know when we have it – it’s when we have time to sit and watch

the chickens.

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