Welcome to KarmaFree Cooks!

My name is Madelyn and I want to welcome you to the delicious world of KarmaFree Cooking in Karma Life & Style.  This is a scrumptious place where we will enjoy everything and anything about the food we eat while staying in harmony with the environment and our spirituality.

Now, I’d like to give you a little perspective of what KarmaFree Cooking is all about.

Are you familiar with the Law of Cause and Effect? It says that for every action there’s a reaction of equal and proportionate value.  That’s just another name for the Law of Karma.  Everything we do, say or think has karmic value attached to it.  Positive actions, words and thoughts have a positive effect on ourselves and the world around us.  Negative actions, words and thoughts have a negative effect on our lives as well.  To be successful in life – in every aspect of it – we should have accumulated more positive energy than negative energy.  It’s that simple.  This is what KarmaFree means: it’s free of negative Karma and full of the positive vibes we so need and deserve.

KarmaFree Cooking wants to be your guide when making better choices regarding your diet.  This will have a cumulative positive effect in your health, your weight, your attitude and all other aspects of your life.  I am a vegetarian, but you don’t have to be one to enjoy KarmaFree Cooking.  Through this medium I’ll share my ideas and experiences on how leading a healthier lifestyle will benefit you and entice your taste buds at the same time.

A little bit about me…

I am a lacto-vegetarian living  in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I became a vegetarian after I started to practice Yoga seriously about 10+ years ago, even though I’d never even considered becoming a vegetarian before then.  Through my journey I have seen and felt how being a vegetarian has benefited me greatly, and I want to share this.

Unfortunately, vegetarian cooking has such a bad rep, especially here in Puerto Rico.  People associate vegetarian foods with just salads or bland unappetizing cooking, when that couldn’t be farther away from reality.  Since I became a vegetarian I have learned to prepare delicious veggie-full foods, developing my own recipes or adapting them from famous chefs and popular magazines.  I have learned where to shop and what to shop for in order to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

Everything I’ll share with you is based on personal experience.  I am not a chef or nutritionist: my knowledge comes from my constant search on how to maintain my healthy lifestyle without the use of animal products, chemical additives, artificial colorants, or harmful preservatives.  I am just a vegetarian with a huge appetite for great food and delicious recipes all made with lots of care and love.

I would like to make this space as interactive as possible, so please share with us your comments, thoughts or ideas.  We love to hear from you and be able to answer all your inquiries and satisfy your cravings in each edition of Karma Life & Style.

Hope you enjoy our ride!

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