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Meet Nicole Chamblin professional organizer with the courage to tackle the messes others find invincible.  However, there is no strictness in her method: “An organized person or environment isn’t perfect. They don’t have it all together. Everything isn’t always impeccable or in place.  What makes an organized person and environment is that there are systems, routines and processes in place that work to get things back in place when life happens.”  She also cites a balance between aesthetics and practicality when making decisions for a space in order to guarantee efficiency and beauty, both hallmarks of her trade.  This balance is also reflected in her life, where she defines it as “being able to do what I love while spending enough time with the people I love the most” and “inspiring by example to create positive change”.  In the spirit of sharing, Nicole agreed to share her 7-step method with Karma Life & Style to help you reorganize your life during this New Year.

1. Visualize Imagine, Believe, Decide what you really want.

2. Identify Consider your options, resources and barriers to success.

3. Systemize Design your systems and gather your tools.

4. Implement Put your plan into practice.

5. Organize Create order out of chaos.

6. Negotiate Keep working the plan until everything flows naturally.

7. Synchronize Regroup, evaluate and synchronize each step of the way to make sure your actions match your vision and plan.

Keep up with Chamblin’s updates via Official site and Facebook!

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