Sports for Cantera

Here at Karma NYC we are inspired by the San Juan Bosco Foundation’s philosophy of reaching a child’s soul through music, art and sports.  The organization has set their sights on the impoverished Cantera community near San Juan, where most children will leave school before they obtain their High School diploma.  We believe that fundraising and community programs led by groups such as this one can spark active involvement towards the resolution of our world’s issues, and we too want to help.

The Cantera program is a community outreach program which seeks to engage children of limited resources in extracurricular activities that involve sports, art and music. The program presents children with the opportunity to explore fields to which they would otherwise not be exposed.  It provides a safe environment to play, learn and develop and a  strong support system of adult role models who have succeeded under similar circumstances, proving that hard work and dedication bring great satisfaction and rewards. The program also allows us, the community, to highlight the importance of education, teamwork and focus, critical skills that are needed for a successful future.  We are driven by the ability to influence these children in a positive way, knowing that these programs improve the quality of their lives.

We have designed the “Good Karma” product line to reach our goal of providing such resources for these children.  The designs include Bosco bracelets, Bosco bag and a Bosco sports bag.  Proceeds from all sales are donated to the Baby Soccer Team within the Cantera Sports Program.  To purchase contact the Karma NYC team at:

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