Lush Cosmetics

Would it be possible to create effective, healthy beauty products from the best organic produce without testing them on animals or unnecessary packaging?

Thirty years ago, Liz Weir and Mark Constantine were asking themselves the same question.  The two friends decided to try it at home where they used their expertise in cosmetology to produce original products.  Soon they had enough faithful clients to develop a catalog: the rest is history.  Today, their green factory receives fresh produce daily, which the workers turn into exquisite beauty products that are then shipped to stores worldwide, where they are displayed without packaging.  In 2012, customers can expect a new line of LUSH color cosmetics and 20 new stores around the world.

However, the most interesting part about the company is their advertising policies.   To find out more, we interviewed Perry Sun, the North American Public Relations Manager and Spokeswoman for LUSH. “In this role I work with PR to publicize the brand, our products, our ethics and our campaigns.  As a brand that does not advertise or pay for celebrity endorsements, Public Relations plays a very important role”, says Perry.  After all, her line of work has no need for big names or claims: she represents a wholesome brand with a stunning repertoire of products like the fan-favorite Dream Cream Body Lotion which, as it name suggests, “has made dreams come true for customers with many skin conditions.”

As far as beauty routines go, Perry’s is as simple as LUSH’s premise: “Smile.  I define beauty as an inner happiness that radiates from within.  We all want it, we all have it, we just have to master tapping into it.  The first step is the smile and the rest will follow.  Also, don’t be afraid to break out of your beauty routine.  Your skin and hair need change all the time, so mix it up and have fun!”

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