Kira Lillie

Meet Kira Lillie, the creator of VK Lillie’s highly covetable line of hand made medicine bags inspired on Native American Indian tradition.  These extremely personal accessories are custom-made from vintage leather gloves and 7 semiprecious stones of your choice, and are certain to bring waves of compliments and good energy.

You started as a fashion photographer and now VK Lillie along with directing — you’re a busy girl!  Could you give us some insight into your future plans?

I like to think of myself as a visionary – an overall director who brings teams of people together to work on a common theme or goal.  I think the time of individual achievement is over: we must work together to become innovative and stronger.  I am working on creating just this.  Stay tuned, because there are big things in the future.

Could you use three keywords to describe the essence of VK Lillie?

Personal, unique and meaningful.

Do you travel and buy vintage gloves for your bags? 

I don’t travel for that specifically but most of the gloves come from Parisian antique shops called brocantes or from vintage stores wherever I am, as I do travel quite a bit for my other work.

How do you define good taste?


Who do you think rules the fashion world?

The consumer and money – which are the wrong thing to rule it.  We are at a moment where money rules almost everything artistic, blinding the creative side of humanity.

What are your views on social media?

It is perhaps the only thing that might save the creative side. Thanks to the web talented people can become known without having to spend millions on advertising. It’s an amazing tool.


Keep up with Kira Lillies updates at:


Official Site

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