Kiehl’s skincare is scientifically formulated to respect, restore and strenghten the skin barrier for healthier, more radiant, younger- looking skin.

Distinguished by the use of only the finest materials and expert quality, Kiehl’s has been a staple of the beauty industry for a hundred and sixty years. This is no reason for slacking: July 2011 marked the debut of the first Kiehl’s Spa 1851 in New York City’s Upper East Side, a venue that promises the coolest new beauty experience in the city. If there is a word that can best explain Kiehl’s success in the beauty industry, it’s humanism. With an apothecary past and an inclination towards “active generosity”, Kiehl’s service and products are sure to both satisfy and delight their customers. This same dedication stretches out in the form of a commitment to reducing their impact on the environment, a goal they are achieving through the use of recyclable materials in the packaging of all their products, like the bestselling Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, a Vitamin C- enriched serum that helps reduce the appearance of lines while enhancing and perfecting the face’s natural tone and radiance.  All this is delivered in simple, clean packagint that wont fill up yout cabinet – or the landfill. Kiehl’s also works towards the elimination of animal testing by conducting their experiments through laboratories that have never tested products on animals. They have, in fact, developed a line of pet products that have been developed in partnership with top groomers.

According to the San Juan Store Manager Teresa Cristy, “Kiehl’s is a brand that maintains a product philosophy with a rich story of science behind it. Kiehl’s products are formulated and tested to do what they say they are going to do.” However, science doesn’t mea complicated: Kiehl’s has never kept it’s ingredients or formulas a secret in an effort to promote corporate honesty.

Visit Kiehl’s Official site and Facebook for more!

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