Designing Bags for WFP’s School Feeding Progam which feeds and educates hungry children.

Katy Wanserski, Director of Sales and Global Logistics for FEED

What is your current title and what does your position entail?

I am the Director of Sales and Global Logistics for FEED.  I handle all wholesale orders for smaller boutiques and stores, and I also manage the supply chain for FEED, which covers everything from assisting our Director of Operations with production timelines to routing our product through the transportation process including brokerage and clearance processes.  Additionally, I help to manage several large retailers including American Eagle, Clarins, and Lord & Taylor.

How does your role in the company help contribute to its overall success?

I believe that my educational background in supply chain management and my years of sales experience at UPS have been an important asset to FEED for many reasons.  We have streamlined our processes for shipping and routing, which has helped reduce time and costs.  For a small company of only 4 people, this time and cost savings is critical.

What is your most popular Feed product?

We would say the FEED 1 – the classic bag that Lauren started FEED with, and the vision that has helped to FEED over 62 million children since 2007.

Are there other ways to contribute other than buying products?

We are currently working on our website for our FEED Foundation, which will allow people to donate to certain funds that FEED supports – like the Japan fund, or Haiti fund, or the fund that will support programs that give HIV/AIDS drugs alongside food rations.  Additionally, there will be a section where you can look to volunteer for organizations in your area that FEED supports.

What experience led you to this particular cause? 

I had been working at UPS and saw FEED on one of our reports as a new shipper who sent out some large international shipments.  I decided to stop by and see what needs UPS and myself could personally assist them with.  I was amazed at what a large difference a vision and determination by a small group of inspiring women could do in the lives of people around the world and wanted immediately to be a part of it.


How do you define balance in your life?

No one is perfect!  But I try to be as giving as possible yet make sure to take time for myself.  I eat as best as I can with foods that are good to the earth and my body, but splurge too.  I try to exercise every day to release tension and clear my mind.  Everything in moderation creates a pretty good balance.  And I am happiest and most even-keeled when surrounded by those I love.

How do you inspire others?

I think that positive energy and a positive outlook are always an inspiration.  I am lucky that I work with an amazing team of hardworking women that inspires me, and I hope that my positivity and path in life are possibly an inspiration to others as well.

What is your motto?

Not a motto per se, but I do find myself always saying “Everything happens for a reason.” And

with a positive attitude and hard work, I think anything is possible.

Find out more about FEED at:



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