To BAGGU Bag creators Emily and Joan Sugihara, good taste is more about consciousness than appearance: “To us, good taste is paying attention to the way what you buy, use, and wear, was made.”  Read on to find out why we think their colorful bags are perfect examples of responsible style.

BAGGU began in 2007 when mother-daughter team Emily and Joan Sugihara couldn’t find the reusable bag they were looking for in the market and decided to create “something that everyone needs and uses” – with a twist.  They pooled their considerable design talents and came up with the Standard BAGGU Bag, a colorful recreation of the almost iconic plastic bag, and still their #1 best selling product. The first order of bags was shipped by Joan’s younger brothers and delivered to the Sugihara family garage.  When asked about what was most instrumental in getting the BAGGU from idea to product, all of the team’s eyes turn to Emily, the risktaker who trusted her daughter’s vision and went all-in to make it real.  All bags are created using 100% Ripstop Nylon and 100% Recycled Cotton Canvas, materials that stand the wear and tear that even the most avid shopper can inflict on them.  However, BAGGUs are not only for the supermarket: the brand also includes backpacks, shoulder bags and zippered pouches that are perfect for any stylish person on the move.

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